Full Name
Ilona Schelle
Job title
Patient Advocate
Speaker bio
Ilona Schelle is patient advocate at Inspire2Live. She was trained as a molecular biologist and graduated in 1995 at the Free University of Amsterdam. She switched her career into IT because the way science works did not support her idea of sharing and cooperating. In IT she started a career at the central bank of the Netherlands. Her activities at Inspire2Live are focused on connecting patients, researchers and clinicians international. The only way to get cancer under control is through cooperation instead of competition. Of course always with patients in the first place. She identifies challenges and new businesses in healthcare and initiates empathy and the use of technology in the fight against cancer. Finally Ms Schelle is responsible for the congresses that Inspire2Live realizes. These international congresses are visited by patient advocates, doctors, researchers, government, health insurance companies and industry, and always pay off
Ilona Schelle