GA4GH 101

The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) builds the foundation for broad and responsible use of genomic data. The not-for-profit GA4GH sets standards and frames policies to expand genomic data use within a human rights framework. Browse all our products, always free and open-source.

Curious how GA4GH works? Get to know our community and activities.

Organisational Members

More than 500 organisations connected to genomics — across healthcare, research, patient advocacy, industry, and beyond — have signed onto the mission and vision of GA4GH.


Driver Projects

Two dozen Organisational Members that lead genomic data initiatives have committed resources to guiding GA4GH product development and piloting our tools. 


Strategic Partners

Some Organisational Members whose networks or infrastructure align with GA4GH priorities have made a long-term commitment to engaging with our community.


Individual Contributors

Anyone working in genomics and related fields is invited to participate in our inclusive community by creating and using new products.


Assigned Experts

Local and national organisations assign an expert to spend at least 30% of their time building GA4GH products.

Study Groups

Study Groups define a specific need in the genomics and health community, survey the landscape, and determine whether GA4GH can help.


Work Streams

Community experts develop technical standards and regulatory and ethical tools that overcome barriers to responsible data sharing in genomics and health. 


GA4GH Implementation Forum

Implementers across the community pilot GA4GH products to solve real problems. They come together to troubleshoot, suggest updates, and flag new needs.


National Initiatives Forum

National programmes focused on advancing genomics at scale meet to share best practices, avoid incompatibilities, and help translate genomics into health systems. 


Communities of Interest

Members convene around topics such as rare disease, cancer, and infectious disease. They find challenges and opportunities for better data use in the real world.

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