Genome Engineering Workshop 2018
A practical, peer-to-peer workshop spanning the breadth of CRISPR genome engineering
Not exactly.
This 2-day meeting, hosted by the Zhang lab, combines a peer-to-peer workshop session on the first day with talks from scientists developing and working with genome engineering tools the second day. These talks will be focused on outstanding challenges in the field, ranging from questions about what other tools we need to how we can safely apply them.
You will get to hear about recent developments in CRISPR-based genome editing, from improved specificity to novel applications, and have opportunities to meet with experts with hands-on experience in a range of areas. In addition, you'll have a chance to present your own CRISPR work at a poster session and get feedback from colleagues and leading figures in the field.
Come to:
  • learn about the design, implementation, and analysis of CRISPR experiments;
  • discuss latest technical advances and share ideas;
  • troubleshoot your experiments;
  • explore diverse applications of CRISPR nucleases;
  • get answers to your questions, both general and specific.