Poster Session

The goal of the poster session is to showcase the work of GA4GH and related activities that will enable the responsible, voluntary, and secure sharing of genomic and health-related data to the broader genomics and health community. Poster applications will be evaluated by the GA4GH Secretariat based on scientific merit and relevance to the ongoing development of GA4GH Roadmap Deliverables.

Abstract submissions will close on September 1, 2020.

Poster Guidelines


Please use 36" x 48" for your poster dimensions.

Content & Design

  • Ensure the poster is readable from distances of at least 3' (90 cm)
  • Include the title, authors, and affiliations in the heading
  • The content of the poster should be visual and targeted to a general/layperson audience


The printing of posters will be the responsibility of the presenter. 

Poster Mounting

If your poster is accepted, you will be assigned a number which will correspond to the location where you will mount your poster. All poster boards will be numbered in advance. Please mount your poster by September 30 at 5pm. Posters should remain on the board until the end of the meeting on October 2. Posters not removed by 5pm on October 2 will be discarded.